Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A theory about last nights reveal

"Ezra's mom paid off the girl Ezra got pregnant. What if that girl was Alison. Because Malcolm isn't his kid....THOUGHTS?!"

Ok so Ezra is appearently A but why is there a picture of Aria and Ezra on the wall...

Finale Theories - Ezra being A
I think there is two possibilities.
1) Ezra is A, beach hottie … He had an affair with Alison (like everybody right?!). And when she died, he wanted to find who killed her, found the girls, seduce Aria to get closer. I’m definitely not sure that I’m okay with that. But that would not be a big, big shocker.
All the thing about the typewriter, the money in the closet, him being a badass with byron.
2) Ezra followed the girls because he knows that there is a new A. And I mean, why Cece will listen to Ezra and Aria in the appartement if she is working for him .. Ezra was not wearing a black hoodie either.
So I don’t know what to think. I can get used to the idea of Ezra being A. Could be fun.
Tell me : What do you think about that ending? Is Ezra A for you?

Reasons Why Ezra could be A

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