Monday, 24 June 2013

Song Of The Week!

So I know it's call 'Song of the week' witch means it's meant to be weekly. >.< I think that maybe having the title as "Song Of The Week!" is slightly optimistic maybe calling it "Songs that are meant to be weekly but are only shared when I remember I've to post a song every week?" should be a better title. Anyway back to business. This week because its been a aaaaaagggggggggeeeeeesssss since I posted I'm going to post a number of songs. For those who are new "Song Of The Week!" is just me posting a song that has been floating around in my head (even if I hate the artiest grrrr!) or a song I've heard and was like "Wow i love this song but haven't heard it in ages" .... And now for the reason of this post this weeks song(s) of the week are  .... *Drum Roll* 

First of all i don't want to bore you with me posting every song on paramore's new album so ill just post one of them ^-^

Still into You - Paramore


Right Now - Rihanna

Blurred Lines - 
Robin Thicke ft. T.I. & Pharrell Williams  
for the NSFW video click here

 Same Love - Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis

Work - Iggy Azalea 

Jump - Rihanna

White Noise - Disclosure

To View more songs click here.

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