Monday, 3 September 2012

How to make a Paper Wheatley

Wheatley Tutorial 

What you need:

  • Cutting Board / Old A4 pad etc.
  • Protractor
  • Cutting Blade / Craft Knife
  • Cutting Shapes / Compass
  • Black Marker
  • Card
    • Grey    x1
    • Black   x1 *
    • Blue    x1*
    • White x2
  • Pencil
  • Hole Puncher
* Only small amount of this item is used so scrap card will do.


  1. Taking one Sheet of White card cut out 2 large circles of the same radius.In this example the radius of the large circles are 7.5 cm.

  2. Take circle B and cut a smaller circle (circle C) from the center of the large. In this example the radius of this circle is 4 cm.

  3. Using circle B measure out angle of 60 and 120 at both ends of the circle. Draw a line from these angles and cut them.
  4. Using the Black card cut out a circle that is smaller then the size of circle C.( circle D) In this example the radius of circle D is 2.5 cm.
  5. Using the Blue card cut out a circle that is smaller then the size of circle D.( circle E) In this example the radius of circle E is 1.5 cm.
  6. Using the hole puncher and the grey card make 3 small circles (circle I).
  7. Using the grey card draw cut out 2 rectangles (item F), a circle the same size as circle D (circle G), Triangle(item J) and 4 “Blade like” items (Item H).
  8. Using the white card cut out 2 slightly curved lines (item K)
  9. Take circle G and cut a small corner off the top and a larger off the bottom
  10.  Glue circle C to the center of circle A and the 2 long sides from circle B to the sides of circle A
  11. Glue circle D into the center of circle C.
  12. Glue circle E into the center of circle D and the to bits of circle G to both ends of circle E.
  13. Glue 2 of item H to the back of circle A.
  14. Glue 1 of item F to item K and glue it to the back of item H.
  15. Repeat Step 13 and 14 for the bottom also.
  16. Glue J and I to circle C
  17. At this stage your Wheatley should look like this.
  18. The last and final Step is to use the black marker to outline and color in the black parts.  

After step 18 your Wheatley is complete and should look like this.

I would like to thank Omen at for the inspiration for this project. 

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